Monthly Archives: May 2014

I’m A Notarizing Machine

notary machineI have been lazy with this notary blog the last few days. I just haven’t felt like writing. I need to get over that. When I started this notary blog a few months ago, my goal was to write something every day. That’s still my goal. I just need to be not so lazy about it.

I have been a notarizing machine the last several days. It’s been really good.

The only really bad thing that happened was on Friday (5/4/14). I was supposed to meet a man from Texas. He was an oil guy that needed me to meet him in Zachary and then in Addis. We were meeting with people to sign and notarize some mineral leases. It just didn’t work out. My timing was off and he was pissed. He ended up cancelling on me. I can’t blame him. Fridays are just nuts with the business and the traffic around Baton Rouge. Sigh…

The best thing that happened in these last few weeks is that I was able to help a family with last wills and testaments, power of attorneys and living wills. They were great and very happy with my work. Yay!

Outside of that, I’ve just been really busy. Life is good.

If you need a notary around the BTR area, call me at 225-907-5280.