Best Notary Week Ever!

best notary baton rougeThe notary gods must love me right now. Why? Because this is easily my best week ever as a notary! I have been insanely busy all week, hence the lack of posts. I love this little blog of mine, but the heck with it when I am swamped like I’ve been all week. Talk about good timing too! I have a huge payment for our kids’ school that is due next week. The work from this week will take care of it. Yay!!!!!

I have done so many loan closings this week, power of attorneys, car sales, reverse mortgages, affidavits, and random notary jobs. I have traveled to Breaux Bridge, Port Allen, New Orleans, Metarie, Albany, and of course all over Baton Rouge. It has been nothing short of fantastic.

To give you an idea of how my whole week has gone, here is what I did just today:

  • My day started with a notary job at a new restaurant off of Coursey. I notarized some application forms for the owner.
  • The next run brought me to a title company’s office where I did a mortgage refinance closing.
  • I then went to the Neuromedical Center off of Bluebonnet. I created and notarized a POA for a patient.
  • Then I traveled to North Baton Rouge for a car sale where I notarized a bill of sale and car title.
  • I then went to a borrower’s home where I notarized a reverse mortgage closing. The lady was 89 years old and sharp as a tack!
  • The next job brought me to another title company’s office for a mortgage refinance closing.
  • Next up was a title transfer on Coursey.
  • After that I did a truck sale on O’Neal.
  • I followed that up with notarizing some banking paperwork at my home office.
  • Last,, but not least, I did a vehicle transfer by the Baton Rouge High School.

It was insane, awesome, and basically identical to every day this week. Yay me!!!!

If you need a notary in Baton Rouge, give me a call at 225-907-5280.

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