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I’m A Notarizing Machine

notary machineI have been lazy with this notary blog the last few days. I just haven’t felt like writing. I need to get over that. When I started this notary blog a few months ago, my goal was to write something every day. That’s still my goal. I just need to be not so lazy about it.

I have been a notarizing machine the last several days. It’s been really good.

The only really bad thing that happened was on Friday (5/4/14). I was supposed to meet a man from Texas. He was an oil guy that needed me to meet him in Zachary and then in Addis. We were meeting with people to sign and notarize some mineral leases. It just didn’t work out. My timing was off and he was pissed. He ended up cancelling on me. I can’t blame him. Fridays are just nuts with the business and the traffic around Baton Rouge. Sigh…

The best thing that happened in these last few weeks is that I was able to help a family with last wills and testaments, power of attorneys and living wills. They were great and very happy with my work. Yay!

Outside of that, I’ve just been really busy. Life is good.

If you need a notary around the BTR area, call me at 225-907-5280.

Last High School Concert

saint michael high school bandToday (4/29/14) was boring on the notary side. I didn’t care though because I got to sleep in until around 11:00. Yay! I needed the break.

As far as jobs go, I started off by meeting a new, and potentially really good, customer that works at an insurance company. He had a loan modification package that we took care of in just a few minutes. I then did a notarization of a buyer’s package for the purchase of a piece of real estate. Then I did a car sale before the big concert. After the concert I did the sale of a 3 wheeler, and then a liquor license for a hotel. Easy day.

The big event was my last high school concert ever. We’ve been going to numerous high school concerts for eight years. Tonight our son Quinn played in his last one, so that’s a wrap.

If you need a notary in Baton Rouge, call me at 225-907-5280.

Whirlwind Notary Life

whirlwindThe last few days have been a whirlwind, literally. I got caught up in a cyclone that had me spinning around in the upper atmosphere for what seemed forever. When I landed, a witch from the DMV threatened me, but I scared her off with my red, sparkly notary stamp. If it wasn’t for my dog, TooToot, I would have been so afraid. It’s amazing what you can write when no one is ever reading it.

The last few days have been insanely busy, which is a great thing. I don’t share numbers here, but it has been amazingly successful. I even made enough to pay off the kids’ school. I’ll count that one as a miracle, and well timed at that.

So what have I been up to the last few days (4/25/14 and 4/26/14)? A lot. I think I did 8 refinance closings, maybe 4 loan modification signings, 2 power of attorneys, 3 affidavits, 2 vehicle title transfers, and a bunch of random “stuff”.

Where have I been? All over the pace including Baton Rouge, Prairieville, Walker, Clinton, Zachary, Port Allen, Gonzales, Eunice and I don’t remember where else. How much gas did I burn? A bunch.

Am I tired? Yes indeed. It seems like I have been tired a lot lately. I know I need to do some healthy things to fix that, but I’m too tired to do anything about it.

I did meet an old timer yesterday that was hilarious. If he wasn’t so old he would have scared me. He wants me to help spread his secret that he knows the real story of the JFK killing, because he is the missing link. The guy was hilarious.

I also got an amazing compliment from an escrow officer that made my whole decade. I love compliments!

It also looks like I will be doing a few abstracts/ title searches again. I’m not sure if I am really looking forward to that, but it’s money, and I do like money.

In family news, Quinn has been at Disney World the last few days, but he’s coming back tomorrow. Alec has been sleeping until 4:00 P.M. every day, so his butt is going to be hurting when he has to wake up for school Monday! Stacey was sick and missed work on Wednesday, but she seems to be just fine now. I saw Jaci at a bar in downtown Baton Rouge for a bit Friday night. It’s so hard to wrap my brain around the idea that she is an adult. Creepy!

Help Me Pop-A-Lock Please

pop-a-lockToday (4/22/14) started off with a ton of frustration, ended with more, and had some good things in the middle.

My first job brought me to a company off of O’Neal Lane. I parked in the middle of the business’ parking lot, blocking a gate, because it was supposed to be a 30 second deal. It did take 30 seconds, but I also locked the van with the keys in it. Better yet, it was running, and I was almost out of gas. I called Geico, they called Pop-A-Lock, and I was told 45 minutes or less. That turned into just over an hour, and the company had to maneuver cars around me to get a huge forklift through the gate. Yeah, I suck.

Then a bunch of good things happened. I notarized 13 forms at a financial company, did a loan closing, three car transfers, one real estate power of attorney, 2 contracts, and headed home to wait for my last run of the day at 5:30.

We’re down to one car after the recent accident, so Quinn needed it to deliver pizzas. Jaci agreed to give me a ride to this housing manufacturing company for a closing at 5:30. She overslept, the roads were messed up, and I showed up 15 minutes late after almost having a heart attack. Yeah, I suck.

I took a nap after I got home, so I feel better. Tomorrow is a full schedule in the afternoon, so the one car drama will continue. I need to fix this situation asap.

I Need To Start A Notary School

george's notary universityToday (4/21/14) was boring on the notary front. I had one job for a commercial regular where I notarized 8 bids for them. I had another job where I helped a man get a vehicle’s title switched. That was it. Blah.

Today was also Jaci’s (our daughter) 22 birthday. Wow, I have an adult. We had a little party for her, had some friends over, and ate some food. It was fun.

Why do I need to start a notary school? Because friends keep asking me about becoming one! I just got off the phone with an old friend from Alaska. It turns out that he’s interested. That’s the third friend in two weeks that has asked me about becoming a notary. George’s Notary University?


Happy Easter Baton Rouge!

happy easter baton rougeToday (4/20/14) is Easter, so happy Easter Baton Rouge!

It’s been a fun day for us. After searching all the Wal Marts in town until late last night, we finally finished getting everything ready for the kids’ baskets. Stacey has a very particular way of wrapping them, so we had to search everywhere until we found the right wrapping. It was nuts seeing all of the empty shelves at the stores around midnight.

We started the day off with the kids opening their baskets. They have chocolate for days, so I will help lighten them this afternoon.

Quinn had to go to work, so after he left the rest of us went to The Londoner for brunch.They had bottomless mimosas. Say what?!? Stacey and Jaci had to act all proper, but I started chugging to get my $5 Easter buzz on. After we ate, and got buzzed, we played one game of pool. It was pretty bad, but fun.

After The Londoner we all went to see a movie- Heaven Is For Real. I am a sceptic, so I had a bad chip on my shoulders going into it, but by the end of the movie I was a softy. It was really touching.

Now Stacey is making dinner with a fancy looking salad. Quinn is still working. Alec is hiding in his room. Jaci and I are sitting here waiting for the new Game of Thrones to come on. Good times.

On the notary front, I slipped four jobs in today. I met a woman at a parking lot on Highland for a loan modification closing. I met a family at OLOL hospital to revoke a power of attorney, and they game me a $50 tip for coming on Easter. Thank you family! I then met a couple at our house to notarize a 401k form, and last of all I did another modification signing at a home in Old Jefferson. It was a good and lazy notary day.

Thank you for reading my notary blog. If you need help, please call me at 225-907-5280.

Holy Saturday, Lazy Notary

holy saturdayToday (4/19/14) is Holy Saturday, also known as the day before Easter, also known as the day before I get sick on chocolates. It’s been a good and lazy day for me.

  • I started my notary day off by meeting a couple on Jones Creek. They are setting up an LLC in preparation for starting a new gym. Nice people.
  • I then ran to the Target store on Millerville to otarize a truck sale. The buyer was “interesting”, also known as “strange”, and maybe “weird”. I liked him.
  • I followed that vehicle sale up by walking into the Target store to notarize a loan modification closing. Convenient, right? It went fast and easy, just like I like them.
  • The next run brought me back to Jones Creek to the Hi Nabor store where I notarized a 401k form for a couple. Again, “interesting” people.
  • I then traveled to the hood to notarize another truck sale. They people were actually very friendly and grateful. It’s kind of sad to see good people living next to pimps and drug dealers.
  • The final, so far, job of the day was a cancellation of a promissory note. There was a twist in it because a POA was involved, but it went just fine.

Yep, a good and lazy day. I made a few bucks, and there was zero stress involved, also known as perfect.


Comment Please?

commentI’m not begging, or maybe I am, but I would really appreciate a comment or two from any of you. I post on this notary blog almost every day. I do it because it’s fun, I like to write, and it helps me promote my business. When my business benefits, I can afford my family. When I can afford my family, I’m happy.

Why would I like comments? For one thing, it helps keep me motivated to keep writing. For another, it helps attract new visitors to this site. Lastly, it’s really fun to read whatever you have to say. Taking a few minutes, every now and then, to write a comment here really makes my day.

To sum it all up, would you share a comment here? It really means a lot to me, and I really appreciate it. I know how many of you read my ramblings already, so just a comment every now and then would be great.

Good Friday, Slow Day

good fridayToday (4/18/14) was Good Friday. On the notary front, it was a really slow day. Honestly, it’s exactly what I needed though. This week has been crazy busy. While we always need the money, I needed an easy day, so that’s exactly what I got.

The only two jobs I did today were:

  • A really good regular bought a truck over in Port Allen. I met him at a business on Court Street to do notarize the Bill of Sale and title.He even tipped me $20. What a great customer!
  • I notarized a Bill of Sale for a lawnmower on Siegen. It was one of those $7,000 commercial mowers. We did it in the Twin Peaks parking lot, so I used the opportunity for my boys and I to eat there. We had a lot of fun, and the food is really great there.

On the personal front, Stacey and I went out with our good friends tonight. We had a $100 gift card to burn at Big Heads Tavern, and burn it we did. We also went to eat at Portico’s on Coursey. Good times.

The plan for tomorrow is to get some loan modifications done. I think I have about 10 of them to do, so I need to get rolling with them. Sunday is Easter, so Stacey and I need to get moving on the Easter baskets too.

Thank you for reading my notary blog. If you need a traveling notary in Baton Rouge, just give me a call at 225-907-5280. I’d love to help you.