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Best Notary Week Ever!

best notary baton rougeThe notary gods must love me right now. Why? Because this is easily my best week ever as a notary! I have been insanely busy all week, hence the lack of posts. I love this little blog of mine, but the heck with it when I am swamped like I’ve been all week. Talk about good timing too! I have a huge payment for our kids’ school that is due next week. The work from this week will take care of it. Yay!!!!!

I have done so many loan closings this week, power of attorneys, car sales, reverse mortgages, affidavits, and random notary jobs. I have traveled to Breaux Bridge, Port Allen, New Orleans, Metarie, Albany, and of course all over Baton Rouge. It has been nothing short of fantastic.

To give you an idea of how my whole week has gone, here is what I did just today:

  • My day started with a notary job at a new restaurant off of Coursey. I notarized some application forms for the owner.
  • The next run brought me to a title company’s office where I did a mortgage refinance closing.
  • I then went to the Neuromedical Center off of Bluebonnet. I created and notarized a POA for a patient.
  • Then I traveled to North Baton Rouge for a car sale where I notarized a bill of sale and car title.
  • I then went to a borrower’s home where I notarized a reverse mortgage closing. The lady was 89 years old and sharp as a tack!
  • The next job brought me to another title company’s office for a mortgage refinance closing.
  • Next up was a title transfer on Coursey.
  • After that I did a truck sale on O’Neal.
  • I followed that up with notarizing some banking paperwork at my home office.
  • Last,, but not least, I did a vehicle transfer by the Baton Rouge High School.

It was insane, awesome, and basically identical to every day this week. Yay me!!!!

If you need a notary in Baton Rouge, give me a call at 225-907-5280.

George AKA Super Notary!

i'm a super notary with a badgeI was talking to some people today about having name tags. Why can’t we all have one? For some reason, only medical workers and Disney cast members get to wear them. Why can’t we all get one? I’m going to make this happen this coming week. Mine is going to say “Super Notary”. Don’t believe me? Watch my post next week.

As far as the notary work goes, the last two days have been great. This whole week was actually wonderful. My sickness that has been lingering in various stages for over two weeks is contained at about the 5% level, and I can live with that. The work coming my way has been great, keeping me very busy. Everything is really good right now.

Yesterday (4/10/14) was crazy busy. I did some mortgage refinance closings, a loan modification, a few affidavits, and a power of attorney. I was busy all day, and everyone was happy to see me. What a great job I have!

Today (4/11/14) was a little chill, and I needed that. I had two loan closings, both of them in Baton Rouge. I also did a notarization so that a kid could take her ACT test. Simple day, and just what the doctor ordered.

Tomorrow I have a ton of car transfers to deal with. Tuesday I am insanely overbooked, and I’m still not sure what to do about it. I’m praying my notary luck continues.

George, Super Notary

Who’s Your Baby’s Daddy?

who's your baby's daddyToday (4/9/14) was a busy one. It was all about refinance closings, loan modifications, hospital signings, gambling license notarization, atv transfer, power of attorney, and the who’s your baby’s daddy job.

Refinance Closing: I traveled all the way to Lake Charles for a home loan refinance closing. Luckily, the borrowers were understanding about my tardiness. Riding from Baton Rouge to Lake Charles is always a crap shoot. It can take 2 hours, or it can take 10.

Loan Modifications: I got two of them completed today. One was really strange. The signer’s husband passed away 9 years ago, but he was supposed to be signing the docs? I smell a rejection in the wind.

Hospital Signing: I went to OLOL hospital here in Baton Rouge to notarize an application for a duplicate title. The poor lady had been involved in a serious accident and could barely move. Going to that monster hospital is always a pain in the butt, but it feels good to help someone that’s stuck there.

Gambling License Notarization: I went to Lauberge again to notarize a gambling license. They even gave me a free cookie! Can you say “best customers ever”?

ATV Transfer: A repeat customer that owns an ATV shop called again. He’s very friend and appreciative of my work. Great combo!

Power of Attorney: I got a call from a social worker at a new hospice here in BR. They had a family there that needed a POA written and notarized. I was honored to help the family, and really do wish them well.

Who’s Your Baby’s Daddy: The last run of the night brought me to the Sherwood Forest area to notarize a form to change the baby’s last name so that it matches the father’s. I think this is the third one I’ve done this week. The baby daddy and momma were great people (cough, cough).

Thanks for reading my boring notary blog! You can reach me at 225-907-5280 if you need some help, or if you want to play 80’s Trivial Pursuit.


Refi Tuesday

refinance closigToday (4/8/14) was all about refi closings (I had three of them), and a few odds and ends mixed in.

  • The first job to start this Tuesday off brought me to a neighbor’s home. She’s a finance guru, and a great regular. I love how she lives right by us, is always patient and flexible on the timing, and she seems to really appreciate what I do. Thank you neighbor!
  • My next mission brought me all the way to Mandeville, Louisiana. It was a mortgage refinance closing. The borrower was really easy and friendly. There house was so cool. They had a fish pond right by their front door that is full of goldfish. Amazing!
  • I then came back to Baton Rouge to notarize a bill of sale for a boat/motor/trailer transfer. The seller was kind of a punk, and I can only guess that I did something to hurt his feelings? Whatever.
  • I then met with a customer at a bank. I did a closing with him yesterday. He had given me a certified check, but it was made out to the wrong company. We got that fixed.
  • I then met with a borrower in the Tiger Bend area. The lady was doing a refinance, and it was a great deal for her. She was able to take 9 years off of her note, and even save $50 a month. Awesome deal!
  • The next job brought me to a rehab hospital in Baton Rouge to notarize a POA. Everyone there was easy going and great. Thank you family!
  • From there I met with an elderly lady off of Goodwood to notarize some retirement papers. Her husband didn’t know I was coming apparently, and he gave me the evil eye when I pulled up, but it went just fine after I was introduced.
  • The next journey brought me to the Government Street area for a debt settlement signing. I love working for this national company! They pay great, the jobs are easy, and their signers always seem happy to see me.
  • The last notary adventure of the night brought me to the Frenchtown Road area for a loan modification signing, Once again, they were super easy people, and everything went perfectly.

The main notary adventure for tomorrow is a refinance closing in Lake Charles, LA. After that, I’m hoping to get some loan modification signings done that have been piling up.

On the personal front, my sickness that has been plaguing me for the last two weeks is 95% over. I still have some pain in my teeth, and my nose is still running, but I feel alive again at least.


I’m A Bad Notary Blogger

sickI haven’t written a post here in a few days because this sickness is just kicking my butt! I’ve had it for about two weeks now. I thought I was almost over it, but it reignited with a passion a few days ago. The last several days have been a blur. I’ve had a fever, my whole body hurts, and I just feel like garbage. Hence the bad notary blogger.

Today (4/7/14) was an easy day, and I needed it. I did a refinance home loan closing, a car title transfer, a consumer loan financing notarization, and an affidavit for a real estate company. It was easy, ad that is about all I could handle.

The weekend was full of loan modification signings and vehicle transfers. That’s about all that I remember from it.

Cross my fingers, I am feeling better today, so I think the end of this sick spell is near. I can’t wait to feel normal again. Hopefully I will be back to my daily notary blog posting soon.


Swamp People Sighting

swamp people juniorToday (4/2/14) was all about Swamp People. It was also long, exhausting, fairly lucrative, nerve wrecking, and even sort of fun. Wow, sounds dramatic, doesn’t it?

Swamp People Sighting- I headed way down the bayou to Thibodeaux, LA to notarize a seller’s package. Basically, some rich people were selling their home in St Francisville. I brought the selling documents to their office to sign. They got a bunch of money. I made enough to cover gas. But the great part was that I saw Junior Edwards from Swamp People at a gas station along the way. We nodded at each other in the store, and that was about it. My boy wishes I would have taken his picture, but nah, seeing him was cool enough.

Long- It was a really long day. I realize that I’m just a traveling notary, and not exactly doing anything physical, but driving all day and focusing on hundreds of pages hurts my little brain sometimes. I think I started around 7:00 this morning, and I didn’t really finish until around 10:30 tonight. That’s a long day, right?

Exhausting- Yeah, my brain is tired. The Taco Bell I got earlier has been putting me to work in the bathroom all night too. TMI? I’m just tired.

Fairly Lucrative- I made some money. I think I had a total of 8 jobs today. I traveled to Prairieville, Thibodeaux, Port Allen, and all over Baton Rouge. I burned a bunch of gas, but the family gets some money for the efforts. I notarized some loan refinances, cash sales, auto transfers, servitudes, contracts, and power of attorneys. Cha ching, sort of.

Nerve Wrecking- I dealt with a commercial customer today. They used to be a frequent regular, but they stopped calling me maybe four months ago. Something happened, but I have no idea what it was. Today’s meeting was awkward for sure. I notarized a bunch of servitudes for them, and only a few words were spoken. Weird.

Fun- Yes, despite my late night complaining, I had a lot of fun along the way. I almost always do. For the first time in my adult life, I can truly say that I love what I do. That’s a great thing.

Thank you for reading about my notary journeys. If you need a mobile notary in the Baton Rouge area that will come to you, feel free to give me a call any time at 225-907-5280.

Loan Modification Tuesday

loan modificationWow, today (4/1/14) was all about loan modification signings! It was also about pulling a few April Fool’s jokes, getting a compliment, and being misunderstood (corrected with update on mood below!). The highlights, on the notary front, are:

  • The day began over in Addis, Louisiana. I notarized an application for a nurse at her home. Are there any notaries in Addis? I doubt it, but who knows?
  • My next job was right down the road in Addis. I created and notarized a durable power of attorney for a man. I don’t want to give away his identity with the details, but it was a sad situation. His wife will need the ability to represent him for a bit, so this POA should help with that.
  • I then came back to Baton Rouge to notarize a trailer title and create a bill of sale for a boat/motor. The client is a regular, but his uncle that sold the boat to him was an angry fella. I wish I could have stamped his face!
  • The next series of jobs was a whirlwind, and I’m really not sure what came first. Somewhere in the mix I notarized a cash sale and promissory note for a piece of real estate. The client was a regular that specializes in tax sale properties. I sure would like to learn more about that business!
  • I met a man off of Sherwood Forest to notarize a debt settlement. Log story short, one of my regular clients is a debt settlement company. The gist of the deal is that you pay them $$, and they settle your debts for less than what you owed. It’s an interesting business.
  • Somewhere in the middle I managed to notarize four loan modification packages. It was nuts! They were spread out all over Baton Rouge. I came prepared to each of them though, having everything I could possibly already have filled out ready. Quick and easy was the motto, and it worked.

As for April Fool’s jokes:

  • I told Jaci that our 16 year old son that doesn’t drive decided to take off in our elderly neighbor’s car to get her groceries, and we haven’t seen him in an hour. She wasn’t impressed and hung up on me. Kids…..
  • I told my friend Dez that his brother cussed me out. He didn’t realize that it was April 1st. Friends….
  • I told our son Quinn that his mom was running down the street doing cartwheels. He didn’t laugh. Kids…..
  • I told our son Alec that our cat attacked our elderly neighbor. He respoded with some gibberish in a monotone voice. Kids….
  • I told my wife Stacey that I couldn’t check out at the stupid clothes store because they were shutting the line down. No laugh. Wife……

In other personal news, I am beyond sick of car problems. Lord help me I want to set them all on fire and rent a helicopter. If a helicopter breaks down on you it just crashes, so you don’t have to worry about repairs because you’re dead. Works for me.

We also have some major end of school year bills coming up. I need some of you rich people that pay thousands for a notary stamp to call me asap. If you are into paying four figures to have something notarized, please call me.

About the compliment, a man emailed me today and said that he likes this notary blog. That sort of made my day! Sadly, I think that he misunderstood my mood on the phone earlier. Hopefully I get the chance to show him that I’m a fat and funny guy in person.  ** UPDATE** I just found out that the mood comment was a joke. If you read my RATES page, I joke that the price depends upon my mood. This brilliant customer actually read that and joked that he hoped I was in a better mood. Hilarious! Thank you sir!!

Thanks for reading my little notary blog. If you need notary help, or just want to swap bad jokes, call me at 225-907-5280.

Slow Weekend

notary open weekendsThis weekend (3/29/14 & 3/30/14) was a slow one. On one hand, that’s a good thing, because I needed a break to get over this sickness. On the other hand, I need money too. Oh well. The highlights were:

  • I notarized the sale of a boat, motor and trailer. It was a very easy one because the seller had all of the information handy. That’s a rare one.
  • I notarized an I-9 form for a lady that had a hard time following instructions.
  • I think I did four title transfers and bill of sales.

Boring, right? On the positive side, I got a call from a notary in Monroe, I think, and he thanked me for my sites. Pretty cool!

Sorry for the lite post, but that’s been it for the weekend. I do have a few busy days coming, so it’s bed time for me.

Thanks as always for reading my notary blog. If you need a notary in the BR area, give me a call at 225-907-5280.

Still Sick On Friday

sick on fridayToday (3/28/14) was a rough day. I’m still sick with whatever I’ve got. I’m probably just a big baby, but this cold/flu/sinus whatever thing I have is kicking my butt. I am so ready to be done with it. Even though I felt horrible all day, Friday is usually one of my best days, so the show had to go on. The highlights were:

  • I visited with a patient and her attorney at a retirement home here in Baton Rouge to notarize a medical power of attorney. I really felt sorry for the poor lady. She’s seen better days.
  • My next run was to Prairieville to notarize a gaming license for a Lauberge Casino employee. He told me that about 60 people there will need to do this soon. He offered to spread my info to them, so maybe I will get lucky with that.
  • I then went to Gonzales to meet a couple for a refinance closing. I really felt like crap there, but I’m hoping it wasn’t too obvious to the signers.
  • I had a group come to my office to notarize a truck title transfer. Then two more guys came to me to do the same thing.

The game plan for tomorrow is to get better.

Sick Notary Sigh

sick notaryWow, I haven’t been able to post anything for the last several days. Today (3/27/14) is Thursday, and it looks like my last post was on Saturday. I’m a bad notary blogger! But I do have an excuse: I’ve been sick for the last few days. I have some funky cold/sinus/flu thing going on and it’s kicking my butt! I’ve been able to work somewhat, but only because I have to.

I don’t remember much of the last few days, but here’s a few things that stick out:

Sunday (3/23/14): I have no clue. I’m sure I did some car title transfers. Maybe?

Monday (3/24/14): I did a mortgage refinance closing. Stacey and I went to Sulphur, Louisiana to do it. We used the chance to visit with her family as well.

Tuesday (3/25/14): I remember doing a mortgage closing for the purchase of a newly built home in Baton Rouge. I also helped a friend with a boat purchase in Grosse Tete.

Wednesday (3/26/14): That was a busy day! I had four refinance closings. I had two here in Baton Rouge, one in Amite, and another one in Prairieville.

Thursday (3/27/14): I felt like crap today and didn’t do very much. I had a few small jobs for some regular commercial customers, but that’s about it.

Tomorrow I have a power of attorney signing at a local nursing home, a refinance closing at a credit union in Gonzales, and hopefully a bunch more. I hope I feel better soon. It’s also Stacey’s birthday, so I better get better fast.