Clean DMV Title Pretty Please!

Hello friends. I want to talk a bit about making sure that you get a clean DMV title. What is a “clean title”? Why do we want one? What is a dirty title? Why is being dirty so bad? We’ll get there soon enough.

Before I go to far, I need to plug myself. This is George Tull, the best Baton Rouge Notary Public that has ever existed since the birth of Jesus Christ himself. If you want a notary that will travel to you in the Baton Rouge area, do what God himself does and call me at 225-907-5280. A-Men!

Now then, let’s rant a bit about this dirty/clean DMV title for a bit, shall we?

I guess we should start with the basics. In Louisiana a title is issued by the DMV (we actually call it the OMV for some weird reason), and the title is in the form of a double sided paper. The title is what controls the ownership of the titled movable (car, truck, motorcycle, etc.).

clean Louisiana car titleOn the front of the Louisiana title it lists a lot of information about the vehicle. It will list the VIN, make, model, any liens, yada yada. Most importantly for us, it also lists the registered owner. In other words, the Louisiana car title works as a form of proof for who owns the vehicle. Makes sense? Great!

Now let’s talk about the back of the title. On the back of the title there are a bunch of slots for transferring the title/ownership of the movable. In a perfect world, we want the back of the title to be empty. This is called a CLEAN TITLE! It’s a thing of beauty, and every notary with at least two brain cells wants to see this blank/clean title when you visit them.

When you buy a vehicle, you and the seller can visit the notary with the title and your drivers licenses in hand so that he can transfer the vehicle/title to you on a beautiful clean title. Does that make sense? No? Oh brother, keep reading please.

Now let’s talk about a dirty auto title a bit. Let’s say that you are buying a movable and that the person selling it to you is John. You and John get to the notary and the notary spits on you because the front of the title shows that Mary owns the car. He flips the title over and sees that the vehicle was sold 5 years ago from Mary to Chris. Three years ago Chris sold it to Sam. And a year ago your seller John bought it from Sam.

Let’s make it even worse and say that none of those previous transfers were notarized. Even worse yet, previous buyers and sellers wrote the wrong things in the wrong spots.

What do you have in the situation? A freaking dirty title! No wonder your normally friendly notary spit on you!!!!

Let’s get down to the heart of the matter ok? If you are buying a vehicle and see that there is not a clean title because the back of it shows that multiple people have owned it but never registered it with the OMV, you are asking for trouble! Sure, there are things that can be fixed. Sure, sometimes everything will turn out fine. But in general, be very weary!

In summary, buy vehicles with clean titles. Run away from shady car lots on Plank Road with dirty titles. Do this and I will love you forever from the bottom of my cold notary heart.

Can I get an A-Men?

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