Covenant Marriage At The Old State Capitol

louisiana covenant marriageToday (3/15/14) was a long and good day. Unfortunately, I had to miss the St Patrick’s Day parade in Baton Rouge because of work, but it paid off really well. The best job of the day, to me, was the covenant marriage signing that I did, but I’ll get to that soon enough. The highlights were:

  • The first job of the day brought me to Geismar, Louisiana for a mortgage refinance closing. My dumb printer is running so slow! It caused me to be a little late, but the borrower was very laid back and understanding. The title company that hired me for this one had some conflicting instructions as well, and I couldn’t get anyone to anser the phone. All in all though, it went well.
  • My next run had me back in Baton Rouge. I met a man that had lost a close family member recently, and I had to notarize two succession papers for him. He was a nice guy, and it was obvious that he was still hurting.
  • The next job was the highlight of my day. I was called by the bride’s father to notarize the papers for a covenant marriage at the old state capitol in downtown Baton Rouge. If you have never been there, you really need to see it. The building is incredible. If you’re not familiar with a covenant marriage, read about it HERE. The couple getting married were really excited, and it was neat to be a little part of the ceremony. The dad also gave me a nice tip for patiently waiting. It was a great job.
  • Next on the list was a job at an older home off of Sherwood Forrest. A family was packing up the belongings of their elderly parents to sell the home. I notarized a power of attorney for them so that one of he sons could sign the cash sell on Monday for the parents.
  • I made it home, but two more customers called me. I was pretty tired, so I talked both of them into coming to me. For the first customer I had to notarize six claim forms. Their hotel room was broken into, and all of their luggage and belongings were stolen. The next, and last customer, is in pharmacy school. He had a one page form that needed to be notarized.

On the home front, I got to check out my new blender that Jaci got me for my birthday. That was the best homemade margarita that I have ever had. It cut up the ice perfectly. I’m really excited about the next party at our house!

Thanks for reading my notary blog. If you need help, call me at 225-907-5280.

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