EBR Prison Notary

east baton rouge parish prisonIf you need a notary public that will travel to the East Baton Rouge parish prison, you found him. As a traveling notary that covers the greater Baton Rouge area, I can meet you anywhere, even at the parish prison.

There are two ways for me to notarize documents at the prison:

  1. You set it up. If you are the family of a loved one that is in jail, you may be able to work directly with the warden’s office to schedule a meeting with me and the inmate that needs to sign some papers. I’ve only seen this work a few times, but it’s possible.
  2. I set it up. I will need to contact the prison and schedule a meeting with the inmate. I will need his name, social security number, and what you need to have notarized. It’s a bit of a pain, but I can do it.

How much does it cost? It’s not cheap. On average, I’m looking at almost an hour of drive time to and from the EBR prison. Then it normally takes about an hour to get in and out of it. I typically count on spending at least two hours to do the job. It can also vary depending on what you need to have notarized, and how many pages are involved. For an exact quote, just call me at 225-907-5280 so we can discuss the details.

I can also travel to other surrounding prisons. Technically, I can travel to any prison in Louisiana, but of course the costs go up the further away it is.

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