Free Notary Service Baton Rouge

free notary serviceAre you in the Baton Rouge area, and do you need a free notary public service? I am a notary here in Baton Rouge that is open 24/7 and travels directly to you. I will provide my services for free if you are:

  • older than 17 years old, but younger than 148
  • a male or female, but not both
  • have black hair, and your hair is longer than 3′
  • have brown eyes with small pupils
  • a student in an online university and failing
  • like cheap hot dogs
  • think the Matrix is the greatest movie ever
  • willing to climb in my chimney and clean it
  • can do a hand stand for more than 18 hours straight

If you meet all of these requirement, please call me at 225-907-5280 and I will gladly notarize your face for free.

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