Friday In Reverse

reverse mortgageToday (2-28-14) was a day about reverse mortgage closings. Before I hit those jobs, let me cover some other highlights.

  • My first notary job involved the formation of a church. I had to notarize a set of legal documents involving 4 signers and 26 notary stamps. That’s a lot! Instead of charging the usual $10 per stamp for this sort of a deal, I dropped it to $5 per seal because $260 just seemed like too much. The client was happy, so hopefully they use me again.
  • I then had a few small jobs. One involved a trust account and the other was a bid package for one of my construction company clients.
  • Then I had the three reverse mortgage closings. These packages are always a challenge. The clients are mature, the pages involved are overwhelming, and they’re just flat out confusing. I have yet to meet one person that truly understands a reverse fully. My first reverse closing signer was “special”. Without saying too much, she was fun to hang out with. The second one was a struggle. I had to deal with the borrower, her daughter and her brother. Getting tag teamed in a reverse signing is fun. The last closing involved a signer with a physical disability that made the process take a lot longer than normal.

But who am I to complain? It was a great day, and I can afford some more balogna to feed the family. That’s always a good thing.

I have some estate planning work to do tomorrow, and we’re going to try to hit the Spanish Town parade. I’m exhausted so it’s time or bed. Thank you for reading my notary blog, and feel free to call me at 225-907-5280.

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