Friday & Saturday Notary Jobs

weekend workI wasn’t able to post yesterday (3/21/14) so today’s update will cover Friday and Saturday’s (3/22/14) notary jobs for me.

Friday’s work included:

  • I delivered the mineral lease to Cinton. As a huge added bonus, the oil company that hired me gave me a $50 tip! That was the second biggest notary tip I’ve ever gotten, the biggest being $60. The effect of it is that I will drop what I am doing the next time the oil company needs me to notarize a lease.
  • I had a refinance closing from hell over in Brusly, LA. The traffic leading from Baton Rouge to Brusly was just so bad! It took me an hour and a half to get from Millerville to the Mississippi River Bridge. Of course the borrowers were in a hurry to get to a fair, and this goofy loan company and title company made sure that the package was filled with silly duplication, bringing the package close to 200 pages. Good times.
  • I had a loan modification signing that was super easy in Denham Springs. The man could not have been friendlier.
  • The only other job that I remember was a debt elimination contract signing. The concept is that you pay company X $$, and in return they settle your debts with companies Y and Z for a lesser amount. The job was easy enough.

Today’s jobs included:

  • I visited with a small car dealer that has become a really good regular. We transferred three auto titles.
  • I went to the home of an elderly couple that were selling their 1964 Volkswagen. So cool!
  • A mom and son came to my office for a car sale.
  • A really nice lady came to my office for a real estate sale. It was just a seller’s package with maybe 5 pages that needed to be notarized. Nice and easy job.
  • I helped a lady with a provisional custody by mandate. She needs it for tax purposes.

On the personal front, we went out with some friends last night in Hammond. We ate way too much food, and didn’t drink quite enough, but it was really fun. We may be going to a concert tonight at Lauberge, but I’m not sure yet.

Thank you for checking out my notary blog!

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