Frozen Fat Tuesday

fat tuesday mardi grasToday (3/4/14) is Mardi Gras, also known as Fat Tuesday. I don’t know where this cold weather came from (it was 80 something a few days ago), but we were frozen over somehow. When I woke up it was around 30 degrees outside with frozen rain mixed with a few snowflakes. The interstates and bridges were shut down again in Baton Rouge, just like a month ago or so. In other words, it wasn’t meant to be a big notary day. My biggest scheduled job was moved to tomorrow, and my last minute closing job got cancelled as well.

I was able to do a few notary jobs though:

  • A lady came to my office this morning. She had some nursing school paperwork that needed to be notarized. She laughed when I quoted her $20 to travel to Denham Springs to meet her there. I will never understand how some people see no added value in me traveling to them. Oh well.
  • My next job brought me to Siegen Lane here in Baton Rouge. I helped a homeless person notarize some bank paperwork. It’s a long story, and I don’t want to get into too many details, but I felt sorry for him. I did the job for almost free.
  • I then went to meet a company that I notarize paperwork for every now and then off of Sherwood Forest. They are really nice. It had something to do with a commercial loan, but I didn’t get into details on it because it was just a one page acknowledgment.
  • My next stop was at the Pilot Truck Stop in Denham Springs. I met with a trucker that was waiting for a load. He needed a form notarized so that he can get married in the Bahamas.
  • My last run of the night brought me to RaceTrac in Gonzales. It was a boring vehicle transfer, with a little hitch. There was a lien recorded on the title, so I met with the lienholder as well so that he could release the lien.

I also took a dozen calls from random people wanting to set me up for the next few days, so I should be busy the rest of the week. I have one mortgage closing and one loan application signing on the books for tomorrow, and who knows what else will happen.

On a personal front, tomorrow is my birthday. I wish I could do nothing and watch movies all day, but that’s not going to happen. I’m 43 now, and that is kind of a meaningless number, right? Alec says it just means I am closer to death. lol Last but not least, we made the best dinner ever tonight! Steak, peas, and the best loaded mashed potato soup I have ever had in my life! It was really amazing, and we have enough soup left over to keep me happy for days.

Thank you (all 2 of you) for reading my notary blog. If you actually made it all the way to the end (which you have if you are reading this), leave me a comment and I will ship you either $5 or a random gift, your call. That’s not a joke. If you need a notary in Baton Rouge, call me at 225-907-5280.

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