George AKA Super Notary!

i'm a super notary with a badgeI was talking to some people today about having name tags. Why can’t we all have one? For some reason, only medical workers and Disney cast members get to wear them. Why can’t we all get one? I’m going to make this happen this coming week. Mine is going to say “Super Notary”. Don’t believe me? Watch my post next week.

As far as the notary work goes, the last two days have been great. This whole week was actually wonderful. My sickness that has been lingering in various stages for over two weeks is contained at about the 5% level, and I can live with that. The work coming my way has been great, keeping me very busy. Everything is really good right now.

Yesterday (4/10/14) was crazy busy. I did some mortgage refinance closings, a loan modification, a few affidavits, and a power of attorney. I was busy all day, and everyone was happy to see me. What a great job I have!

Today (4/11/14) was a little chill, and I needed that. I had two loan closings, both of them in Baton Rouge. I also did a notarization so that a kid could take her ACT test. Simple day, and just what the doctor ordered.

Tomorrow I have a ton of car transfers to deal with. Tuesday I am insanely overbooked, and I’m still not sure what to do about it. I’m praying my notary luck continues.

George, Super Notary

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