Happy Easter Baton Rouge!

happy easter baton rougeToday (4/20/14) is Easter, so happy Easter Baton Rouge!

It’s been a fun day for us. After searching all the Wal Marts in town until late last night, we finally finished getting everything ready for the kids’ baskets. Stacey has a very particular way of wrapping them, so we had to search everywhere until we found the right wrapping. It was nuts seeing all of the empty shelves at the stores around midnight.

We started the day off with the kids opening their baskets. They have chocolate for days, so I will help lighten them this afternoon.

Quinn had to go to work, so after he left the rest of us went to The Londoner for brunch.They had bottomless mimosas. Say what?!? Stacey and Jaci had to act all proper, but I started chugging to get my $5 Easter buzz on. After we ate, and got buzzed, we played one game of pool. It was pretty bad, but fun.

After The Londoner we all went to see a movie- Heaven Is For Real. I am a sceptic, so I had a bad chip on my shoulders going into it, but by the end of the movie I was a softy. It was really touching.

Now Stacey is making dinner with a fancy looking salad. Quinn is still working. Alec is hiding in his room. Jaci and I are sitting here waiting for the new Game of Thrones to come on. Good times.

On the notary front, I slipped four jobs in today. I met a woman at a parking lot on Highland for a loan modification closing. I met a family at OLOL hospital to revoke a power of attorney, and they game me a $50 tip for coming on Easter. Thank you family! I then met a couple at our house to notarize a 401k form, and last of all I did another modification signing at a home in Old Jefferson. It was a good and lazy notary day.

Thank you for reading my notary blog. If you need help, please call me at 225-907-5280.

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