Help Me Pop-A-Lock Please

pop-a-lockToday (4/22/14) started off with a ton of frustration, ended with more, and had some good things in the middle.

My first job brought me to a company off of O’Neal Lane. I parked in the middle of the business’ parking lot, blocking a gate, because it was supposed to be a 30 second deal. It did take 30 seconds, but I also locked the van with the keys in it. Better yet, it was running, and I was almost out of gas. I called Geico, they called Pop-A-Lock, and I was told 45 minutes or less. That turned into just over an hour, and the company had to maneuver cars around me to get a huge forklift through the gate. Yeah, I suck.

Then a bunch of good things happened. I notarized 13 forms at a financial company, did a loan closing, three car transfers, one real estate power of attorney, 2 contracts, and headed home to wait for my last run of the day at 5:30.

We’re down to one car after the recent accident, so Quinn needed it to deliver pizzas. Jaci agreed to give me a ride to this housing manufacturing company for a closing at 5:30. She overslept, the roads were messed up, and I showed up 15 minutes late after almost having a heart attack. Yeah, I suck.

I took a nap after I got home, so I feel better. Tomorrow is a full schedule in the afternoon, so the one car drama will continue. I need to fix this situation asap.

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