Holy Saturday, Lazy Notary

holy saturdayToday (4/19/14) is Holy Saturday, also known as the day before Easter, also known as the day before I get sick on chocolates. It’s been a good and lazy day for me.

  • I started my notary day off by meeting a couple on Jones Creek. They are setting up an LLC in preparation for starting a new gym. Nice people.
  • I then ran to the Target store on Millerville to otarize a truck sale. The buyer was “interesting”, also known as “strange”, and maybe “weird”. I liked him.
  • I followed that vehicle sale up by walking into the Target store to notarize a loan modification closing. Convenient, right? It went fast and easy, just like I like them.
  • The next run brought me back to Jones Creek to the Hi Nabor store where I notarized a 401k form for a couple. Again, “interesting” people.
  • I then traveled to the hood to notarize another truck sale. They people were actually very friendly and grateful. It’s kind of sad to see good people living next to pimps and drug dealers.
  • The final, so far, job of the day was a cancellation of a promissory note. There was a twist in it because a POA was involved, but it went just fine.

Yep, a good and lazy day. I made a few bucks, and there was zero stress involved, also known as perfect.


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