How Much Does Notary Cost?

notary costI hear this question more than any other: How much does the notary cost? Another version is: How much does it cost to notarize something? The answer can be complicated.

Here in Louisiana, there is no law that sets the rate to get something notarized. In some other states, there is an exact fee that must be charged, and the notary can’t charge you a penny more. Since I work and live in Louisiana, and I could really care less about notary fee prices in other states, the rest of this answer will apply to LA, and me in particular.

Yes, in Louisiana there is no set price, so a notary public can literally charge you anything he wants to. I could tell you that for me to notarize your power of attorney it will cost $1,000,000. If you agree, and pay me that, then that is the price of the service. I could also tell you that it costs $1, if I’m dumb enough, and that would be the price. Actually, I know a lot of people that think $1 is about right.

Since I am a mobile notary that usually travels to my customers, part of the pricing formula for me is where I need to travel to. If you are right next to where I am, then the price will probably be fairly low. If you are two hours away in Lake Charles, the cost will probably be pretty high.

I also need to know what you need me to notarize. Some things require more work on my part, so I have to charge more. For instance, if I am notarizing a quit claim deed for an individual, I have to travel to the clerk of court and have it recorded. That requires more work, so I charge for my time. If I need to notarize an insurance form that is completely filled out, your costs will be low.

I also want to know exactly what you want me to do. If you want me to create a last will and testament from scratch, I will gladly do it, but that requires a good deal of work, so I charge for it. Now if you already have a last will and testament full prepared (and properly), and you just need me to notarize it, that is less work, so the price would be less.

I also vary my rates depending on when you need me. I am literally available 24/7, so I will happily come to you at any time, but if you call me at 2:00 in the morning, I expect a little more than if you called me during “normal” hours.

To sum it up, in Louisiana the notary fee is not fixed. I determine your price by knowing how far I have to travel, what you need me to notarize, how much work I have to do, and the time that you need me to come to you. Does that make sense?

The easiest way to give you a quote is for you to just call me at 225-907-5280 if you are anywhere near Baton Rouge. You can also email me at georgectull (at) yahoo (dot) com. Thank you for reading!

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