How To Become A Notary In Louisiana

louisiana notaryI have been asked this question so many time- how do I become a notary public in Louisiana? This post will give me a link that I can send to people, instead of having to explain it over and over.

In Louisiana it is way more difficult to become a notary than it is in other godless states. Why? Because a notary here can do many things that an attorney has to do in other states where they don’t wrassle gators. Why else? Because we don’t like competition, and you becoming a notary could screw my business up, so I want you to fail.

There are two ways to become a notary public here in the deep south.

  1. Go to law school. Put yourself into massive debt. Pass the bar exam without blowing your brains out. Give some money to the Secretary of State. Congrats, you’re a notary public.
  2. Take the notary test that’s given twice a year, after you pay some money to take it. Pass the test (most don’t pass it for years). Pay some more money. Congrats, you’re a notary super star.

If you’re not a lawyer, and you want to be a notary because you are jealous of me, good luck to you. To prepare for the test, and not fail over and over like most losers do, you can take a nerdy notary course at LSU and other baby “colleges” like McNeese. You can also order a study guide from the Secretary of State. Most of you will have to take it many times though. If it was up to me, you would never pass it. Competition makes me nervous.

If you’re an attorney that is thinking about becoming a notary, don’t do it. Your friends and family will abuse you for free stamps and drive you nuts, as if you aren’t bugged enough already. Just call me and pay me some big lawyer money to stamp your papers for you.

If you want to hear the secret to actually making any money as a notary, instead of being the 78 year old lady that stamps pages in the back of Piggly Wiggly for $8 an hour, leave a comment here and I will share some real wisdom.

If you are in another state and want to know how to be a notary up there where you are, stop reading this and learn how to use your yankee google thing to figure it out.

P.S. Use these links if you are seriously interested in becoming a paper pusher for chump change: SOS and LSU classes.


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