I’m A Bad Notary Blogger

sickI haven’t written a post here in a few days because this sickness is just kicking my butt! I’ve had it for about two weeks now. I thought I was almost over it, but it reignited with a passion a few days ago. The last several days have been a blur. I’ve had a fever, my whole body hurts, and I just feel like garbage. Hence the bad notary blogger.

Today (4/7/14) was an easy day, and I needed it. I did a refinance home loan closing, a car title transfer, a consumer loan financing notarization, and an affidavit for a real estate company. It was easy, ad that is about all I could handle.

The weekend was full of loan modification signings and vehicle transfers. That’s about all that I remember from it.

Cross my fingers, I am feeling better today, so I think the end of this sick spell is near. I can’t wait to feel normal again. Hopefully I will be back to my daily notary blog posting soon.


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