Last Will & Testament Monday

last will and testamentToday (3/17/14) was all about Last Will & Testaments. It was also about a whole bunch of notarizing. Starting around 1:00 PM, it was busy! The highlights were:

  • I visited a couple that lives off of Sherwood Forest. I had met with them on Saturday to discuss creating will for each of them. Today we finalized them. They were repeat customers, and they were just genuinely nice and appreciative.
  • My next stop brought me out to Baker, LA. I met with another regular customer to notarize a cremation form. We also talking about creating a Last Will & Testament. I will be working on that tomorrow and then meeting with her again on Wednesday to notarize it.
  • Next on the list was a car donation. I met a man at the Wendy’s on Highland Road, near Airline, and we took care of the paperwork so that he could donate his car to his daughter.
  • I then went to Denham Springs, LA somewhere off of Juban Road for another car sale. It went smoothly enough, and everyone seemed pleased.
  • From there I headed all the way back to the Highland Road/ Airline area in Baton Rouge. I notarized some pension papers for a couple. There home was amazing!
  • The next journey brought me out to Gonzales, LA to notarize a power of attorney for a property sale. The seller couldn’t travel to the closing in some other town, so she gave authority to her broker to sign in her place.
  • Last, but not least, I did a boat/motor/trailer sale at my home. I got a kick out of the seller because he wanted to erase the memory on his fish finder!

Tomorrow is all about a very confusing small succession and property transfer job. I still need to do some work o it, so I will be up bright and early to get ahead of the game.

On the personal front, we had hot dogs for dinner tonight. Call me trash, but I love hot dogs! I’m not sure if I would rather a steak than some hot dogs. They were great!

Thanks for reading my notary blog. If you want a notary public that is mobile in the Baton Rouge area, call me at 225-907-5280.

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