Loan Modification Tuesday

loan modificationWow, today (4/1/14) was all about loan modification signings! It was also about pulling a few April Fool’s jokes, getting a compliment, and being misunderstood (corrected with update on mood below!). The highlights, on the notary front, are:

  • The day began over in Addis, Louisiana. I notarized an application for a nurse at her home. Are there any notaries in Addis? I doubt it, but who knows?
  • My next job was right down the road in Addis. I created and notarized a durable power of attorney for a man. I don’t want to give away his identity with the details, but it was a sad situation. His wife will need the ability to represent him for a bit, so this POA should help with that.
  • I then came back to Baton Rouge to notarize a trailer title and create a bill of sale for a boat/motor. The client is a regular, but his uncle that sold the boat to him was an angry fella. I wish I could have stamped his face!
  • The next series of jobs was a whirlwind, and I’m really not sure what came first. Somewhere in the mix I notarized a cash sale and promissory note for a piece of real estate. The client was a regular that specializes in tax sale properties. I sure would like to learn more about that business!
  • I met a man off of Sherwood Forest to notarize a debt settlement. Log story short, one of my regular clients is a debt settlement company. The gist of the deal is that you pay them $$, and they settle your debts for less than what you owed. It’s an interesting business.
  • Somewhere in the middle I managed to notarize four loan modification packages. It was nuts! They were spread out all over Baton Rouge. I came prepared to each of them though, having everything I could possibly already have filled out ready. Quick and easy was the motto, and it worked.

As for April Fool’s jokes:

  • I told Jaci that our 16 year old son that doesn’t drive decided to take off in our elderly neighbor’s car to get her groceries, and we haven’t seen him in an hour. She wasn’t impressed and hung up on me. Kids…..
  • I told my friend Dez that his brother cussed me out. He didn’t realize that it was April 1st. Friends….
  • I told our son Quinn that his mom was running down the street doing cartwheels. He didn’t laugh. Kids…..
  • I told our son Alec that our cat attacked our elderly neighbor. He respoded with some gibberish in a monotone voice. Kids….
  • I told my wife Stacey that I couldn’t check out at the stupid clothes store because they were shutting the line down. No laugh. Wife……

In other personal news, I am beyond sick of car problems. Lord help me I want to set them all on fire and rent a helicopter. If a helicopter breaks down on you it just crashes, so you don’t have to worry about repairs because you’re dead. Works for me.

We also have some major end of school year bills coming up. I need some of you rich people that pay thousands for a notary stamp to call me asap. If you are into paying four figures to have something notarized, please call me.

About the compliment, a man emailed me today and said that he likes this notary blog. That sort of made my day! Sadly, I think that he misunderstood my mood on the phone earlier. Hopefully I get the chance to show him that I’m a fat and funny guy in person.  ** UPDATE** I just found out that the mood comment was a joke. If you read my RATES page, I joke that the price depends upon my mood. This brilliant customer actually read that and joked that he hoped I was in a better mood. Hilarious! Thank you sir!!

Thanks for reading my little notary blog. If you need notary help, or just want to swap bad jokes, call me at 225-907-5280.

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