Louisiana Bill of Sale Fill In The Blank


I just learned how to create a form with Adobe, so I made this Louisiana bill of sale form that is a pdf where you can fill in the blanks with your computer and then print it out. This is really neat to me! I have the sloppiest handwriting, so from now on I can get all of the information from the buyer and seller, plug it into this form on my computer, and bingo I have a nice, typed bill of sale to print out and have signed!

To use the form just click on the link at the top of this post, or here: BILL OF SALE FILL IN THE BLANK . You will then download it and open the file with Adobe. It should come up in Adobe. On all of the highlighted blanks just fill in the information. When you are done, print it out. This is really easy.

This form can be used in Louisiana if you are selling any movable (not a home or real property), but you will likely use it to sell or buy a car, truck, motorcycle, rv, camper, atv, etc.

If you need a notary to notarize it, and you are anywhere near Baton Rouge, feel free to give me a call at 225-907-5280.

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  1. John

    If a seller signs a bill of sell, with no date on it. The buyer leaves takes it to a notary that is her sister in law has it notarized with a date 5-17-11 and its 2014 is it valid, if both parties were not present and it was notarized for 3 years before?


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