Louisiana DMV Forms

louisiana dmvIn most states, it’s called the DMV, or Department of Motor Vehicles. For some weird reason, in Louisiana we call it the OMV, or Office of Motor Vehicles. Regardless of what you want to call it, the OMV is that evil place where you sit in lines for hours to fill out a form, then get told that you are in the wrong line.

Here are some Louisiana DMV forms that you will likely need at some point, and that I use on a daily basis, sadly enough:

  • Bill Of Sale- If you are buying or selling any movable that is titles, you should use a bill of sale to prove that money exchanged hands. The OMV doesn’t always require it, but sometimes they do, and it’s always a good idea to have one, and to have it notarized.
  • Application For A Duplicate Title- Lost your vehicle title? Need a new one? Fill this out, get it notarized, pay a few bucks, send it to the OMV, and you will get a replacement soon enough.
  • Affidavit Of Heirship- Mom had a car, mom passed away, and now you need to sell the car? This is your form. Get an original death certificate, fill out the form, get it notarized, pay the fee, and now the car will be titled in the heirs’ names so y’all can sell it.
  • Act Of Donation- Giving away a vehicle? You have to use this form and get it notarized.
  • Antique License Plate Affidavit- Have a cool old car that you want to get an antique license plate for? This is your form.
  • Personalized License Plate- Want a license plate with your cool slogan as the letters? Here ya go.
  • Child Safety Seat Affidavit- Have a kid? Have to have a kid’s seat? Got in trouble for not having one? You have to fill this form out and get it notarized.

Now if you have to go the the DMV/OMV in Baton Rouge, if at all possible stay away from the main office on Independence! It’s horrible! Go to the OMV express on Siegen/Perkins. Even going across the river to the office in Port Allen makes a ton of sense.

If you need any help with these DMV forms, please give me a call at 225-907-5280.

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