Mineral Lease Signing

louisiana mineral leaseToday (3/20/14) was a pretty relaxing day. I got to sleep in a bit, was never really rushed, and everyone was friendly. That’s a good day in my book.

The highlight on the notary front was definitely the mineral lease signing that I did. A man from north Louisiana called me a few days ago. He had a mineral lease and exchange agreement that needed to be signed by a man in Gonzales, LA. Today I went to meet the man in Gonzales, we signed the papers, I faxed confirmation to my client, and tomorrow I will deliver the papers to a lawyer’s office. The only bad part is that I probably undercharged a bit, but this should be a really good new client for the future. He’s involved in a lot of oil and gas projects, so maybe I will get a few crumbs from him again. I wish I was smart enough to be involved in that business.

I also visited a regular business customer of mine. They are a contracting company here in Baton Rouge. I actually got called to their office twice. They’re good people.

I had another job that brought me to a church for the deaf in Baton Rouge, off of Brightside. They were so friendly! I had a good time meeting them, and was happy to help them fill out some papers to establish a new banking relationship for their church.

The last job of the day involved a regular that met me at my home office. It was a simple auto transfer, with a correction affidavit. Quick and easy.

Tomorrow morning I head way out to Clinton. I have two loan closings scheduled here in Baton Rouge, and a loan modification over in Brusly. It should be a busy day, but I need to wrap things up in time for me and Stacey to visit friends in Hammond.

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