Miscommunication 101

miscommunicationToday (3/10/14) was pretty frustrating. Not every day in the life of a notary can be a good one, so it is what it is- frustrating. The source of the frustration was miscommunication, but before I cover that, here are the noteworthy jobs of the day:

  • I visited a doctor’s office off of Siegen Lane in Baton Rouge. A law firm out of San Antonio, Texas hired me to notarize 4 medical billing affidavits. This wasn’t m first trip to this doctor’s office, so it was nice being able to remember where they are in this big office complex.
  • I notarized some trust documents for a lady that lives off of Kennelworth. She was really nice and had an older dog that became my friend.
  • I did a car title transfer in a parking lot in north Baton Rouge. This one was funny because the lady called me and was very rude and upset. Twenty minutes later she called me back and apologized.
  • The source of my frustration happened because of a refinance loan closing. The title company called me for this one days ago and scheduled it for noon today. This morning they call and explain that the docs are late, so they changed it to 4:00. I got the docs, via email, at 3:50. Bad title company, bad! I traveled to meet the borrower at their home. I got there and found out that the borrower told the loan officer to have me meet them across town at a restaurant in the hood. Bad loan officer, bad! After getting there and working through the package we figure out that the docs are all messed up. The borrower’s ex was sprinkled throughout the paperwork, even though he has been remarried. His new wife wasn’t happy! The loan officer wanted the borrower to sign some docs but not all of them. The title company wanted him to strike out his ex’s name throughout and put his new wife’s name in it’s place. The borrower, rightfully so, didn’t want to do anything until they fixed the mess. So we adjourn, and the title company told me to invoice them, and they would makeĀ  “partial” payment to me, after I spent 2 hours on this mess.


In other news, Stacey made some awesome jambalaya tonight. It is really good. We’re watching The Voice, Quinn is working, and Jaci ran away. Tomorrow will be better, I hope.

Thank you for reading. Call me at 225-907-5280 if I can help you.

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