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notary blogThe last few days (3/6/14 & 3/7/14) were hectic. I was a bad notary blogger, so I neglected this blog. For my two readers, I apologize!

Thursday (3/6/14) is a blur. I know that I was busy all day, but I don’t remember every job. Here’s what I can recall:

  • I did a job for a new customer. They are a rehab facility, and they had three medical billing affidavits that needed to be notarized for a lawsuit. For some reason, Texas lawyers need billing affidavits for every case. Basically the facility swears to the amount being charged for their services.
  • I did a title transfer notary job that was funny. I had done the same thing for this vehicle the day before. For some reason the man that bought it on Wednesday decided to sell it on Thursday.
  • I did a trust notarization for a lady in New York. Her mom was here in Baton Rouge. Her lawyer in NY emailed me the trust docs, I brought them to mom in Baton Rouge and notarized them, then dropped them off at FedEx to be shipped back to the NY lawyer. Mom was funny and doing great at her age.

Friday (3/7/14) is a little clearer. Here are the interesting job, to me that is:

  • I went to Ponchatoula (Tickfaw Parish) for a refinance loan closing. The loan officer called me the day before about this one. He passed my info on to the title company. Sadly, the title company uses a low ball signing agency that would have to hire me directly. This signing agency happens to be one that I have sworn to never work for again. They are horrible! They spam email me like crazy, want to pay minimum wage for the work, and they are just plain sloppy and bad. But, I had to give in because this loan officer that wanted me on the job is a good one.
  • I did a loan modification signing out by the Baton Rouge airport. The signers were “unique”. Somehow, my sister found out that I met them at the Jack In The Box. Strange…
  • I met a great “newer” customer at the Federal Court of Appeals to notarize a quit claim. The security people apparently thought I was a terrorist or something with my notary stamps in hand. I guess my hunch back makes me look suspicious?

On the personal front, we went out as a family last night to celebrate my birthday. We ate at TJ Ribs, went to a casino concert at the Belle of Baton Rouge, and went to a movie at Rave. It was great!

Thank you for reading my notary blog. Call me if you need some help around Baton Rouge at 225-907-5280.

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