Property Revelations Wednesday

baton rouge propertyToday (2/26/14) was a good today. Unfortunately, I missed out on five jobs though. Two were impossible because of time conflicts, and three were after hours notary job that I couldn’t get to because of car issues. That’s at least $300 that I failed to make, but you can’t get them all. Otherwise, it was a really good day.

The highlight of my day came about because I completed the conveyance of the piece of property that was a mystery just a day ago (see here if you really want to read about it). It was just a little piece of land in North Baton Rouge, but it was a true challenge to solve. The customers were fantastic and could not have been more helpful. We completed the transaction at a school in the Scotlandville area late this afternoon, so I will need to head to the clerk’s office in the morning to get it recorded. I still have a few concerns on how the tax assessor’s office is going to treat it, but I explained my thoughts to them and they seem to believe that they can deal with it. Another happy customer. Yay!

Another interesting job happened today with a construction company that I work for. They call me in to notarize contracts for them, and they are located in the Baton Rouge Industriplex area. They normally have 2-5 contracts for me to stamp, but today they had 9! It’s a good day.

I also worked on a loan modification today. This one was interesting because the borrowers were in the hospital, so I had to meet with them in their room. You really could not ask for friendlier people, and they were very understanding about the traffic delays that I ran into. I got lucky on this one because the lender (a very large national mortgage company) will not accept any mistakes. Normally, if a borrower makes an error when signing (happens all of the time), we strike it out, correct it, and initial. Not a big deal. Well this company does not accept any mistakes or corrections! So the borrowers completed the loan signing error free, thank you Jesus.

I also found the solution on another problem job I’m working on. Without boring you too much, this involves a car donation where the donee lost the act of donation. Long story short, I need to talk the original notary into helping me by sending a true certified copy of the original paperwork.

On the personal front, our son Quinn got called into work tonight at Domino’s Pizza. He’s excited because apparently the tips are flowing tonight. I also took our daughter to the shop to get the oil changed in her car, but we have a lot more to do. Our other son Alec has been playing games in his room all night, and Stacey (wife) is working tonight. We finished off the ham that we cooked last night, so I had to settle for some hot dogs for dinner.

Thank you for reading my notary blog! If you need some help, call me at 225-907-5280.

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