Refi Tuesday

refinance closigToday (4/8/14) was all about refi closings (I had three of them), and a few odds and ends mixed in.

  • The first job to start this Tuesday off brought me to a neighbor’s home. She’s a finance guru, and a great regular. I love how she lives right by us, is always patient and flexible on the timing, and she seems to really appreciate what I do. Thank you neighbor!
  • My next mission brought me all the way to Mandeville, Louisiana. It was a mortgage refinance closing. The borrower was really easy and friendly. There house was so cool. They had a fish pond right by their front door that is full of goldfish. Amazing!
  • I then came back to Baton Rouge to notarize a bill of sale for a boat/motor/trailer transfer. The seller was kind of a punk, and I can only guess that I did something to hurt his feelings? Whatever.
  • I then met with a customer at a bank. I did a closing with him yesterday. He had given me a certified check, but it was made out to the wrong company. We got that fixed.
  • I then met with a borrower in the Tiger Bend area. The lady was doing a refinance, and it was a great deal for her. She was able to take 9 years off of her note, and even save $50 a month. Awesome deal!
  • The next job brought me to a rehab hospital in Baton Rouge to notarize a POA. Everyone there was easy going and great. Thank you family!
  • From there I met with an elderly lady off of Goodwood to notarize some retirement papers. Her husband didn’t know I was coming apparently, and he gave me the evil eye when I pulled up, but it went just fine after I was introduced.
  • The next journey brought me to the Government Street area for a debt settlement signing. I love working for this national company! They pay great, the jobs are easy, and their signers always seem happy to see me.
  • The last notary adventure of the night brought me to the Frenchtown Road area for a loan modification signing, Once again, they were super easy people, and everything went perfectly.

The main notary adventure for tomorrow is a refinance closing in Lake Charles, LA. After that, I’m hoping to get some loan modification signings done that have been piling up.

On the personal front, my sickness that has been plaguing me for the last two weeks is 95% over. I still have some pain in my teeth, and my nose is still running, but I feel alive again at least.


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