Still Sick On Friday

sick on fridayToday (3/28/14) was a rough day. I’m still sick with whatever I’ve got. I’m probably just a big baby, but this cold/flu/sinus whatever thing I have is kicking my butt. I am so ready to be done with it. Even though I felt horrible all day, Friday is usually one of my best days, so the show had to go on. The highlights were:

  • I visited with a patient and her attorney at a retirement home here in Baton Rouge to notarize a medical power of attorney. I really felt sorry for the poor lady. She’s seen better days.
  • My next run was to Prairieville to notarize a gaming license for a Lauberge Casino employee. He told me that about 60 people there will need to do this soon. He offered to spread my info to them, so maybe I will get lucky with that.
  • I then went to Gonzales to meet a couple for a refinance closing. I really felt like crap there, but I’m hoping it wasn’t too obvious to the signers.
  • I had a group come to my office to notarize a truck title transfer. Then two more guys came to me to do the same thing.

The game plan for tomorrow is to get better.

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