The Never Ending Birthday

banana birthday cakeThis weekend (3/8/14 – 3/9/14) was a continuation of my birthday from 3/5/14. This has been one of my best birthdays ever.

Saturday night (3/8/14) we went out with our friends Diana and Dez. We met them at the Lauberge casino here in Baton Rouge, off River Road. We started by eating at the Stadium restaurant there. We really love that place. The prices are reasonable, especially since it’s in a casino, the food is great, and the atmosphere is good. I had a macaroni hamburger with tots, and a bloody mary to drink. It was awesome, and the best part is that Dez and Diana paid for it for my birthday! I wish they would have told me up front though so I could have picked out something more expensive. We then gambled a little bit on the slots (we won $7), drank a ton of free wine and beer, and listened to a little band in the bar. It was a fun night.

The birthday continued again tonight (3/9/14). We went to see our friends Ray and Shonda, along with their children Amber and Emily, granddaughter Kember, and their sister Sandra. We had some cheesy chicken casserole, and then we ate the best banana pudding cake I have ever had! Shonda made it for my birthday. It had three huge layers, bananas all over it, and pudding between the layers. It was huge and awesome! Thank you Shonda.

On the notary front, this weekend I did:

  • A ton on auto title transfers. I stopped counting how many.
  • Notarized a last will and testament for a man. We met at McDonald’s off of Siegen Lane.
  • A affidavit of residence for a lady on Starring. It was so her kids wouldn’t be shipped to another school zone.

The plan for tonight is rest. I ate way too much chicken and cake! I just want to sleep now.

Thanks for reading my notary blog! I can be reached at 225-907-5280.

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