This Is My Notary Blog

notary blogI have a bunch of notary business websites. I think I have 6 of them? Each one serves a purpose, but I really just like to make sites. I’ve been making them for around 12 years or so, and I did it for a good portion of my income long ago.

Some of my notary sites are simple ones with just a few pages. They were free to create, so I made it just to do it. A few of my notary sites have a lot of free forms for people to download. On these, my goal was to give something away, hoping that a few people would hire me. A few of my sites are big with a ton of info. These sites are all serious and professional.

This site is my notary blog. It’s my place to say whatever I want, purely for fun. I goof off a lot here, speak my mind, and really don’t care if it offends anyone. Sure, maybe a few people will hire me after visiting here, but probably not many. This is a true blog, so almost all of my posts are pure ramblings. I think of it as a diary- I just talk about whatever happened that day. It’s a fun way for me to keep somewhat of a record of what happened to me. One day I will go back and read about my journeys and laugh.

Every blogger, including myself, hopes that someone out there will read it and interact. I doubt that will ever happen with this one, because it is a nerdy subject, but there is that hope. Bloggers love comments. All of my family and friends think that a comment is a pimp review of my services, but that’s not what bloggers want. We want to interact.

So a lot of people ask why in the world I would refer to masterbating, race relations, complaining, etc. in here. This is supposed to be a serious business site, right? Wrong, it’s a blog. It’s my island where I can say whatever I want, with my only goal being to make myself laugh. My other sites are for the serious, nerdy world.


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