To Livingston And Back

livingston parishToday (2/19/14) was an easy day for me. There were three notary jobs today that were noteworthy:

  1. A week or so ago I helped a pharmacy tech. I’m not going to pretend to understand the details, but basically a pharmacy tech has to work for a pharmacist for a certain amount of hours, then apply to get their actual license. Part of that process requires them to sign an affidavit, along with the pharmacist, swearing that they worked a certain number of hours. So I helped a tech by traveling to two pharmacies last week. It turns out that one of the pharmacists that signed the affidavit was not licensed during the time that my client worked there. So we had to do it again. I felt bad for her, and wish I could have done it for free, but I did give her a heck of a deal at least.
  2. My next job took place in Livingston at the court house. One of my new clients, which I am really enjoying, had to get an Act of Correction signed by the notary involved in the original transfer of a piece of property. Long story short, the wording o the legal description was bad, so this correction cleared up the legal description. I always end up with weird stories when I travel to Livingston Parish for notary work, but this one was fantastic! The people involved were very friendly, professional, and they made my job a breeze.
  3. The last interesting job for the day involved a new business client of mine here in Baton Rouge. I notarized four corporate documents for them yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling well at all. I wasn’t happy with the way I handled it yesterday. I like to make my customers laugh and feel like they are family (if that makes any sense), but yesterday I was a bore and just grumpy. I made up for that today when I got at east three laughs out of them.

Although it wasn’t a “job” today, one last interesting notary moment did happen today. A very “special” former client called me today. They want me to create a Power of Attorney for them. Part of my job requires me to validate the mental status of my clients. I need to feel good in knowing that they are competent when signing any contract (which is basically what a POA is). I’m not so sure about this one, but I will know for sure tomorrow when we meet.

On a personal note, dinner tonight consists of leftover red beans and rice from last night. Stacey made it from scratch yesterday, and they are so good! Add a little ketchup, crumble in some cornbread- I’m in heaven! I also had to pick up Quinn’s car from the shop today. It turns out that a timing belt and busted radiator costs about a grand to fix. Ughhhh…..

Thank you for reading my Notary Baton Rouge blog! This is my first daily entry, and it has been a lot of fun for me. I’m sure that not many of you will really like to follow my daily journeys, but that’s fine. Righting down my thoughts has always been a way for me to unwind, and maybe someone will pick up something from here along the way.

If you need a traveling notary public in the Baton Rouge area, feel free to call me 24/7 at 225-907-5280!

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