Tug Boat Notary

tug boat notaryI have notarized papers in some strange places before. I once did a loan signing on a stretcher in a hospital. I’ve notarized papers on top of trash cans. I’ve done auto transfers on the hood of a car. I even notarized an affidavit on the floor of an empty building. But this notary job that I did last week has to be one of the coolest!

A lady asked me to come downtown in Baton Rouge to notarize some affidavits by the casino. He explained how to get to the business, but she didn’t explain that we would be signing the papers on a tug boat! How cool is that? We notarized the affidavits right on a tug boat that was docked on the Mississippi River.

My next goal is to notarize something on a plane and a train.

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