Using a Power of Attorney To Transfer a Vehicle

Hello groupies/friends/fans/customers. Today I would like to briefly talk about using a Power of Attorney (POA) when you are transferring a vehicle to someone in Louisiana. Many of you are probably wondering what in the world I’m talking about. Don’t worry, we’ll cover this topic well enough.

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notary sealBack on topic, a potential customer called me today about doing an Act of Donation on a vehicle. His father (let’s call him Chris) was wanting to give the car away to a relative (let’s call her Sue). The dad lives in a hospice facility in Baton Rouge. The man that called me (we’ll call him Bob) was the agent in the Power of Attorney.

Bob’s question to me was, “George, since you are a notarizing machine, can I donate Chris’ car to Sue using the POA that I previously had made or Chris?”

My answer to Bob was, “Sure Bob. But you had better leave the details to me, your notary idol!”

This is actually a fairly tricky subject. I don’t want to go into every conceivable issue here, but let’s at least chat about a few obstacles and things to think about:

1- Since Chris had previously executed a general/durable power of attorney naming Bob as his agent, this POA was not a simple one page car power of attorney. It was a broad spectrum POA that covers many issues and powers, transferring a vehicle being just one of those.

2- Yes, the POA granted Bob the power to donate his vehicle to someone. But… the Louisiana OMV won’t take just a normal copy of the POA. The OMV/DMV wants an original or certified copy of the original. That original/certified copy must be attached to the title and the Act of Donation form when Sue turns in her paperwork to register the car.

3- We have to be careful when signing both the Act of Donation and the back of the Louisiana title. The last thing we want to end up with is a dirty car title that the OMV will reject. I’m too tired to go over all of those details here, but just remember that we need to be careful when signing as an agent.

To sum this post up, yes you can use a Power of Attorney to transfer a vehicle that is titled in Louisiana. Just remember that the POA must grant this power to the agent, the OMV will want an original/certified copy of the POA, and we have a certain way that the AOD and the POA has to be signed.

Peace out my friends!


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