What A Disaster

car problemsYes, today (3/16/14) was a disaster. My van has been giving me some electrical problems for the last few weeks. I thought I had it fixed a few days ago, but I didn’t. It decided to give out for good today while I was at WalMart. I was trapped there or hours before I finally had to get a tow truck to take it away. I lost out on many jobs, and better yet my phone died in the middle of it, so there’s no telling how many calls I missed. I was supposed to visit a lady in Baker to notarize a funeral home form and help her with a Last Will, but that was a bust also.

The only jobs I was able to get to today were three auto sales. It was actually one car, one atv and one motorcycle. Sigh.

Tomorrow I have three Last Wills to work on, and who knows what else will come up. I really hope I get my van back too.

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