What A Friday!

crazy friday in baton rougeToday (2/21/14) was absolutely one of the busiest notary days I have ever had! On the positive side, I was well compensated financially (I can afford to feed my family for a bit). On the not so positive side, I had to turn some business down. I really don’t like saying “no”, but one person could not possibly handle all of the business I had come my way today. It was nuts! I started around 7:30 this morning and did not come back home until after 10:00 this evening. Fridays are always hectic, but this one was really amazing.

Instead of boring you with every little detail about my mobile notary adventures, here are a few highlights:

  • The new title company that called me yesterday- Met with the borrowers and the loan officer. When the loan officer is present at a closing I always feel a bit confused. I’m used to running the show, so having a co-ringmaster throws me off a bit. But everything went great. The borrowers were very understanding about the traffic delay, and they were genuinely nice people. With a bit of luck, I should get some more business from this title company and lender.
  • My number one mortgage company, based out of Baton Rouge, gave me a surprise last minute assignment today. Just a typical refi, and once again the borrowers were great. They were just so happy to have a notary visit them, instead of them going to an office. It went great.
  • I had a late run to Kenner, Louisiana today (in Jefferson Parish, just outside of New Orleans). It was a cash paying job, which is always nice. Long story short, I notarized two power of attorneys and a trust.

On a personal note, I’m tired. Bed time is coming early tonight. We’re doing the Mardi Gras thing tomorrow. Thank you for reading my notary blog! If you want a notary Baton Rouge that will come straight to you, just give me a call at 225-907-5280.

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