Who’s Your Baby’s Daddy?

who's your baby's daddyToday (4/9/14) was a busy one. It was all about refinance closings, loan modifications, hospital signings, gambling license notarization, atv transfer, power of attorney, and the who’s your baby’s daddy job.

Refinance Closing: I traveled all the way to Lake Charles for a home loan refinance closing. Luckily, the borrowers were understanding about my tardiness. Riding from Baton Rouge to Lake Charles is always a crap shoot. It can take 2 hours, or it can take 10.

Loan Modifications: I got two of them completed today. One was really strange. The signer’s husband passed away 9 years ago, but he was supposed to be signing the docs? I smell a rejection in the wind.

Hospital Signing: I went to OLOL hospital here in Baton Rouge to notarize an application for a duplicate title. The poor lady had been involved in a serious accident and could barely move. Going to that monster hospital is always a pain in the butt, but it feels good to help someone that’s stuck there.

Gambling License Notarization: I went to Lauberge again to notarize a gambling license. They even gave me a free cookie! Can you say “best customers ever”?

ATV Transfer: A repeat customer that owns an ATV shop called again. He’s very friend and appreciative of my work. Great combo!

Power of Attorney: I got a call from a social worker at a new hospice here in BR. They had a family there that needed a POA written and notarized. I was honored to help the family, and really do wish them well.

Who’s Your Baby’s Daddy: The last run of the night brought me to the Sherwood Forest area to notarize a form to change the baby’s last name so that it matches the father’s. I think this is the third one I’ve done this week. The baby daddy and momma were great people (cough, cough).

Thanks for reading my boring notary blog! You can reach me at 225-907-5280 if you need some help, or if you want to play 80’s Trivial Pursuit.


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